Rock Melt

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Made by: Jamie North

Materials: concrete, recycled slag, smelting iron ore, plants

Process: The process begins by modelling the work on paper or in a program, then constructing a steel armature if needed and making the form mouldings, which are typically made from plywood or cardboard. Then the detailed mouldings are made from clay and the larger aggregates that will be exposed in the final sculpture. The mouldings are as negative sculpture, as the positive or “end” piece is determined by this crucial stage. Once this negative sculpture is completed, the concrete mix is poured in, vibrated and left to cure before being stripped. Final finishing involves scraping away the clay which is reminiscent of an archaeological process, as the material placements and decisions behind these are revealed. High pressure water is then used to clean away the remaining clay.

The plants positioned within the man-made pylons comfortably complement one another. The process which the concrete undergoes lends it an almost organic and aestheticised appearance, making it a suitable-looking object to support the growth of organic life.