Assigment 02 | Group 6


Group 6 – Patrycja Komada, Xiangyu Kong

Mix 1 – sand 5

Mix 2 – water 0.6

Mix 3 – blue pigment 2%

Mix 4 – red pigment 2%

Mix 5 – black pigment 2%

Mixture 5 was the stiffest one, mix 3,4,5 were also quite stiff and they harden quite quick. Mix 3 with blue pigment did not get the required colour, probably because of the wrong proportions of pigment. In the first calculations for the pigment / cement ratio, we used wrong weight (of the whole cast not of the cement), but correct it before we stared working with mixtures. Only mix 2 required shaking, because that one contained more water, but it turned out to be the smoothest of all casts.