Assignment 2 | Group 9


Group 9 – Melia Barnes, Wu Yue

Mix 1 :  8 parts Sand

Mix 2 :  0.9 parts Water

Mix 3, 4, 5 :  3.5% Pigment

With the exception of a few miscalculations in the beginning, the casting process went smoothly for us. The first mix turned out more like wet gravel and sand as opposed to concrete, so no matter how many times we hit it against the table it wouldn’t settle smoothly against the bottom. The second mix was obviously too watery but we are hoping that it is able to set enough to take it out of the mold without breaking it.

The third and fourth mixes went well. The concrete turned out really pigmented and when we were finished our hands and the spoon we were mixing with looked like we hand lost a fight with a smurf. However, when we got to the black pigment we discovered that the mix was much dryer than the other colored mixes . We were worried that it wouldn’t set correctly, so we added a very small amount of water to it before pouring it into the mold.