Assigment 03 | consistency

For this assigment we wanted to test possibilites of fluid concrete consitesncy. At first we preperded concrete from basic recepie given dureing the course, than we started adding more water and playing around with form. Basic mix, was very dry at the beginning but become more mouldable and fluid in a way which remind us of “play doug”.


With this kind of concrete we wanted to test if it is possible to make a cubic shape using quite fluid material without building a mould. The result was surprising good. We achieved quite satisfying shape. It would be also possible to make edges sharper with some extra tools, but we stick to the idea of using just concrete during our process.



For this exercise we add some more water (probably around 100 ml) and try to recreate rings, that are showing up on a water when drop hits its surface. From the distance we were dropping small partitions of concrete mixture from the distance, one on top of another. The outcome was not what we expected. We couldn’t get the desired result. At the end we came to the conclusion that it would be possible if we put it layer by layer (layer of fluid concrete on the top of dried one) .




At the end we put some more water to te mixture and placed it on the top of the cup to see how it drips down. The result would be more spectacular if we put even more mater to the mix.