Assignment 03—Fluid form, Group 8

Process —preparing the experiments

We wanted to capture the movement of the concrete but also experiment with the ”drying time”. We let two of the experiments dry for a while before we touched or moved the concrete.


Process —Making the experiments

We did two different mixtures. The first mix was wrong, then we mixed silica with water instead of super plasticizer and had to add a lot of water to compensate and make a more fluid mix. We used the mix on two of our experiments. They dried slowly, probably because of the amount of water and the result was a glossy finish. Those forms we had planned to adjust according to the experiment, we let dry for one hour.
What we learned from this is that the order of ingredients is as important as quantity.

The second mix followed the recipe and used in other experiments. We kept one of them since the others broke. The mix dried faster and got a matte finish in the end.

We did various forms with different materials. They gave different results as glossy, matte, various imprints of the material etc.Process 2.jpgProcess2.jpgPro2.jpg

The result

The rule was to remove all material from the mold: only concrete were to remain even if they broke.
As a summary we reflected on that same mix gives different expressions depending on the shape and its material. The way the material is characterized by the shape is extensive and valuable to utilize.Resultat1.jpgResultat2.jpgResultat3.jpg

Grupp 8: Hanna-Thea Björö, Bisera Örn