Flexible formwork

The objective for assignment four was to cast in a flexible formwork. Casting in a flexible formwork can be done in different ways and we chose to explore how to cast according to the topics of ‘varying stretch’ and ‘impressions’.

For the pannels we used the semi-self compacting concrete recipe which was handed out with the asignment.

Cement: 0.330 kg

Sand (0-4 mm) 0.417 kg

L40 0.175 kg

VMA 0.00625 kg

Water: 0.148 kg

Master Gelenium 51 0.003125 kg

After making the blend we found that the mixture was a bit too dry and we added 60 g of extra water. Looking at the casts we made we can draw the conclusion that we might have needed some more water to make the cament more flexible and tereby avoiding it to crack the way it did but also to make the concrete fully reflect all the details from the impression of the materials.

The first picture shows the result of the experiment for ‘varying stretch’. In this experiment we used jersey fabric and string to create a variation in the cast.



This picture shows the result for the experiment for the ‘impressions’. For this cast we used plastic shot glases, set out in a pattern, and a stiffer type of fabric. Since the result is a bit ruff we would like to try the same method but with a smoother mix and a more stretchy fabric.



This is the result of the new cast, which we are very happy with!