Assignment 4 – Impressions and Jigging


Impressions :

After following the concrete mixture given to us, we used a 10×10 mold filled with various sizes of beads to create different dimples on the surface of the concrete. The fabric we used was very thin but didn’t have any stretch in it which might be why the impressions are not as well defined as we would have hoped. The concrete was still very damp feeling when we took it out of the mold two days later but fortunately didn’t crack which is more than can be said for our second cast.


Jigging :

Our second casing method involved jigging and neither of us were super sure of how to do that. We ended up sewing large washers through the fabric and around wooden skewers that were laid across the top of the mold and then poured the concrete over that. We had doubled the amount of concrete we mixed because the mold was twice as large but it ended up being too much and did not sink down and settle as much as we expected it to. Unfortunately, when we went to take it out of the mold, we discovered that it had cracked all the way through on one side. This is probably due to us having had to add water in to the mixture in order to get it to the right consistency as well as the surface tension in the concrete at that point. There is also a very brittle “shell” on the fabric side of the concrete which just crumbles off whenever you touch it.