Assigment 5 – adaptive formwork

The shape:

For this assigment i tried to do two diffferent samples, the first one basically is a cilinder with halls inside generated by sticks made out of paper. The second sample should be a long piramind. For both i used the same strategy, a big cilinder of paper for keep the thinner sand and inside that the sample.WP_20170405_15_50_10_Pro.jpg


Why did I fail?

Considering the result i think that for the first sample the problem was the type of sand that I used inside the shape, probably still to much thin, so that the concrete was not able to penetrate through it

In the second sample even if i used thicker sand, i think i failed becouse of the paper, that was too light and thin and breaks almost immediately.


For both the experiments i decided to add 60 g of water, because I thought that the mixture was still to much dense.