Assignment 04 — Multi material and Smocking & pinching, Group 8

Assignment 04—Multi material and Smocking & pinching.

We chose the two categories, multi material and smocking & pinching.

Multi material — we wanted to work with something that enveloped or “were threaded on” another material. We stitched three fabric parts that we came across an MDF.

smocking and pinching — In the experiment with smocking and pinching we stitched twopieces of fabric shapes.

1. is a simpler version of smocking where some points go inside, others outside.
2. Here, we wanted to test how we could work with smocking and pinching by adding it after we had concrete in the bag. We put on clothes pegs and a cord that we wrapped around.

Group 8, Hanna-Thea Björö och Bisera Örn.



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