Final assignment – free form in aggregate

We´re trying to cast without mould using only different sizes of aggregate and letting the concrete fill the void in the bigger aggregate.


Testing two different slurrys and two different sizes of aggregate to see how far the concrete mix would go in the aggregate. Using some super plasticizer made the slurry go down more easy than using only water and cement.

Mix 1:

250 g cement

90 g water

10 g super plasticizer

Mix 2:

250 g cement

100 g water


Bigger test:

Larger aggregate in the core and finer aggregate surrounding. Making “branches” of larger aggregate from the core to see if they will be filled or not.


750 g cement

300 g water

15 g super plasicizer

We added a straw for the air in the bottom to be able to come upp when pouring in the slurry.