Final Assigment: Straw casting

For my final assigment i decided to work with straw, a really common and natural material. In particular I thought of using it on one hand because i am really inspired by the contrast/connection that can be created by mixing this two material (as shawn in the sketches) and on the other hand to see if it possible to remove the straw and get a nice surfece on the concrete block:

slide 1

First of all I tried to find different kind of straw and similars to test in an easy way:

slide 2The first one is made only with straw taken by a strawbale, the second oneusing suerthin sticks of straw, for both the sample I used 50% of cement and 50% of water:slide 3

The third one is made with thicker straw sticks and with a more dense concrete (65% concrete, 35% water), for the last one I used smal wood sticks that i found in the ground and for the concrete I used again the 50%/50% mixture:

slide 4

Looking on the result, the third one i thought it was potentially the most interesting, then I tried to develop it more and try to see if it was possible to generate a wave shaped connection between concrete and straw:

slide 5slide 6

For theis sample i used a relly liquid mixture, with 65% of water, my intention was to generate a concrete that was able to go through the straw as much as possible.

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The result was quiet good, maybe the best one i did!, the cement followed exactly the shape that i did with the straw, and the surface is really clean and bright.

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After the first success I tried again the same mixture with the same process but with double amount of concrete just to see what happen, but the result is not super exiting, and is also really heavy.

slide 9

Then I found some transparent plastic straws and i tried to do the same with them, using a more dense mixture of concrete ( 30% cement 70% water) the result was surprisingly really good, the style of the object is really close to the art objects made by Harry Morgan.

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