Final Assignment

For our last assignment we worked with the same principals as assignments 5, adaptive formwork. We wanted to test how to make a more complex form than we did in assignment 5 so we decided to cast an animal more specifically a dog, Scottish terrier. We choose this method because it was able to give us a given form.


From a porcelain figure (pic 1) that we photographed from different angels we attached it into a 3D program called silo (pic 2). Then we used pepakura to unfold the pattern onto a layout (3). We laser cut the pattern on sheets of milk paperboard and folded it together to a dog Lasse-Babak (4,5,6).

pic 3

Then we placed the paper formwork in a bucket and filled the bucket with small aggregate and the form with large aggregate (7,8).


From our previous experience from assignment 5 we realised that we needed to adjust the recipe. When mixing the slurry we added about twice the amount of suggested water to get it flowable, more precisely 450 g of water per kilo cement (9). We also did this in different layers because we resonated that it will be the smartest way to get the slurry to pass through the large aggregate in all the small parts.

pic 9


Since the bucket was a little too small for our formwork, we stabilized the sides using plastic cups filled with sand. (10)



Two days later we removed the formwork and Lasse-Babak was born (11-16).


pic 16