Final project: sand casting


What we want to do is to create a kind of shell which with very free form by pouring the concrete onto sandpile. After a test——concrete with different consistencies pouring onto the same sandpile and evaluating the performances, we are looking forward to finding the most suitable consistency for a concrete shell.

new image - vgkqx


Firstly we made a test showing what can 10 gram water do in a default mix, we added 10 more gram water each consistency and poured them onto a slanted panel. They performed wide differences which totally beyond our imagination.

Then we began to deal with the main question. We made four different consistency (the diagram shows the exact figure) and poured them onto the sandpile, trying to made them flew freely and tolerating the overlapping part for better evaluation.


From the experiment on how concrete flow with different consistencies, we learned that viscosity did have great affect on how it shaped. And the amount of water decided concrete’s viscosity. Concrete of mixture 1 and mixture 2 flew quickly and hard to shape, after decreasing the water, it became easier to shape the shell. Therefore, for further development, concrete between mixture 3 and mixture 4 can be used to shape a shell, with appropriate flowability to extend and enough viscosity.dav