Final work

Smocking by Erika Vegerfors








Work in progress…

Final assignment.

In the final task, I chose to develop the smocking textile method that I tested earlier. I have now constructed a pattern that “grows”. The idea is that the pattern should extend across several tiles. In the end result, I expect to get three different sizes of tiles, 200×200 mm, 200×150 mm and 150x 350mm which together cover a surface of 350×350 mm and one pattern.

The difficulty in this task was to design the pattern and calculate fabric usage for the 350×350 mm surface due the textile is pulled together by the smocking.

I made the mold in plywood and I mounted the textile with staples on the wood skeleton.

The casting went well at first… But, at three o’clock in the night I forgot to pour in lime stone in the last casting of three. I see this now as a study and can compare how the concrete tiles comes out with or without lime stone in the concrete mix.

The entire process of constructing patterns, to sew, make a wooden mold, cast and finally piling off the fabric stuck in the concrete, makes the process very time-consuming, but very fun.

What I present here on the blog today is a work in progress…