final assigment | paper tectonics

For the final assignment I wanted to investigate possibilities of “paper casting” (assignment 5 adaptive formwork). I played with paper and cuts different on its surface In order to achieve flexible paper material similar to fabric.

I prepared 2 paper sheets with two different patterns. (B pink 2x1cm cuts, A orange 3×2 cm cuts) and started casting as we did in assign5 with filling the box with fine aggigate, than I placed paper sheet and played with its tectonic and structure. After that I filled it in with aggregate and poured concrete slurry in. I adjusted concrete slurry recipe by adding double amount of water.




Paper transfer its texture on the cast. Unfortunately not the whole surface of cast was a success. For better result probably I should pour slurry and aggregate alternately. The outcome might be also more interesting if I played with different concrete recopies.