final assignment-volcano

In the final assignment, I want to continue with the fluid form, cause I want to develop the uncertainty and changeability of concrete.

At first, I did a small test to find the right supporting material. Pouring the same concrete onto a matte plastic film and a soft plastic bag. Although I know it’s hard to control the shape of fluid concrete, I want to see if it can be affected by material and has a predictable shape.

From the results, we can see too soft material increases the uncertainty of shape and too matte material prevent the flowing of concrete. So at last I chose the harder plastic film and made a pyramid to let the concrete flow down easily.20170426_143100

I simulated the shape of volcano with different layers (different water in every layer).

Firstly I poured down the most fluid concrete (0.200kg) onto the pyramid as the first layer. The concrete went far. After 1 hour, I poured down the less fluid concrete (0.150kg). However, the first layer didn’t dry very well and mixed with the second one. Then I waited another 3 hours and poured down the third concrete (0.100kg). This time it looked with obvious border. Finally I poured down the last concrete (0.050kg) after almost 20 hours.20170428_104057


As a result, I think the final casting looks like a volcano — every layer has an obvious border (except the second one). They come out in different time with different viscosities. We can feel the uncertainty and changeability of fluid concrete. For the future development, I consider we don’t need to do the casting once, but do it by steps to control the whole process.