Casting into an already existing mould could sometimes result in unbelievable shapes. Other times you can very clearly predict the outcome, which still can be very powerful. Representing a void. The fist two images show art instalations made by Rachel Whiteread who in the first image casted an inverted bookshelf and in the second image an entire town house. The last picture and in the video aluminium has been poured into ant hills and pumpkins. Pouring into a hidden underground system of paths and voids the outcome is always a surprise. You can never tell how tall an anthill reaches underground until you cast into it. The pumpkin as a mould is more of a safe card. You know what you gonna get.

Image sources:

Concrete Sculpture

Made by: Rachel Whiteread

Concrete, Books, Bookshelf


Image source:

Concrete Sculpture “House”

Made by: Rachel Whiteread

Concrete, House

Image source:

Cast of Ant colonies

Made by:

Material: Aluminium

Process: Pouring



Cast of Pumpkins

Made by: “The Backyard Scientist”

Material: Aluminium, Pumpkins, liquid nitrogen

Process: Pouring