Assignment 5


Material : Cardstock paper

So to make my paper formwork, I found some geometric shape patterns online and used a thicker paper to make the forms with tape holding everything together. Because I did my assignment a little later than everyone else, I was able to read about other peoples experiences with the slurry mixture and adjust the amount of water I used so that it was more liquidy.

However, although the mixture was pretty thin, it clearly did not reach all the way through aggregate. The concrete only reached about halfway through on each of them. I’m thinking that it was because the aggregate I used was too small.

assignment 05


we decided to use paper folding as a technique to cast concrete for this assignment.  we made 2 ‘eggs’: one of them is purely folded, but by forming it to an ‘egg’, some of the foldings are hidden inside the form, which might cause problems for the demoulding process if it gets stuck in the concrete. so we made another one, which is just held together by tape so it does not cause any marks on the inside. furthermore they had 2 different materials: one with a glossy surface, the other one is normal thick paper.

we also had the problem, that there was not enough >5mm gravel left, so we filled one ‘egg’ with normal concrete.

the gravel with glossy paper ‘egg’ turned out quite interesting, the concrete did not get completely down because the gravel was not big enough, but it created 4 columns on the top. the normal concrete with paper ‘egg’ was also fine.