Porous Cast

Image source: http://www.achimmenges.net/?p=4389

Made by: Casting

Materials: Concrete

Fabrication process:

This research was fostered by an interest in the formation process of diatoms and radiolaria, by Gabriel Sanchiz, Architectural Association, London, 2005-06.

Diatoms are unicellular or colonial algae and radiolaria belong to the order of marine planktonic protozoans.

The cast was made between two layers of rubber sheets, supported by a back-panel with an inflatable formwork.The result is a double-curvature cast. ”It can absorb thermal energy and release it to the airflow enabled by the porosity and the double-curvature can be utilised for exposure or self-shading.” (Gabriel Sanchiz)

I find this cast interesting because of Sanchiz´s ingenuity of finding a way to create a form with special qualities inspired from nature.