Assignment 2 – group5

Group 5 – Maria Johansson, Marieke van Dongeren, Johan Wallhammar

3rd picture – from left to right:
Mix 1 – more sand: coarser, no flow
Mix 2 – more water: more wet, flows easily
Mix 3 (picture 2) – blue pigment: almost oily,we accidentally mixed the sand in before the pigment
Mix 4 – red pigment: nice and red
Mix 5 – black pigment: also oily – but mixed the right way (first cement+pigment – then sand)

We hit each mould against a steady surface to fill the moulds completely, and to get the air bubbles out. It did not work with the firstmix which was to stiff.

Both mix 3 (blue) and mix 5 (black) turned out slightly oily – as if the pigment did not quite mix with the cement.

We changed the proportions so that each mixture was 500 grams (the calculations by hand).