MISTAKE? – pour lines and air bubbles

When pouring concrete into a form there are several things that can go wrong. Can these features be turned into an asset? Can they be controlled or steered in any way? Air or water bubbles is a common problem but can create a beautiful pattern. Although it is hard to control the placement and intensity of the bubbles. Another issue when casting large amount of concrete is the lines created in-between different pours, because the color do differ between different bags of cement and is affected by many other aspects which is hard to control and will therefore result in slight color differences. This can also be turned into an asset.

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Airbubbles in light gray casts

Material: Unknown, probably plaster or cement


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Made by: Fernando Mastrangelo

Material: Pigmented Cement

Process: Casting in layers


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Cement Ceramic vessels

Made by: Studio Twocan

Material: Pigmented Cement

Process: Mould casting


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Earth wall

Made by: Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden architects + urbanistes

Osoyoos, BC V0H, Canada

Material: Sand, Clay, Grave, Water, Cement

Process: Rammed Earth

Rammed earth wall at the NK’Mip Desert Heritage Centre in Osoyoos, BC