Group 5 – assignment 5

We made two separate moulds. One origami with sharp edges and one with rounded and doubled curvature. Both were made with thick paper.

When we mixed the cement we noticed that it was way too thick to get in between the larger aggregate. Hence, we added more than the doubled amount of water. With 2 kg cement and 1,2 kg water we agreed that the mixture was a flowable enough and could sink through the coarser aggregate. We still had to carefully mix the aggregate with the slurry inside the paper models, and we also shook the whole container as much as we could, so that the paper models would not be deformed.

The resulting models shows that the slurry still didn’t fill the models enough. The origami model lost its lower part, however the edges came out as sharp as the paper model. The larger model came out somewhat deformed. Part of the model lacked cement altogether. We expected that the aperture would still hold, but the finer aggregate in this part filled with cement anyhow, perhaps the paper broke somewhere in the middle.