fabric cast – gravity and different stretch


we poured concrete into fabric which we attached to a wooden frame. Before that we hung up two weights on the fabric. The idea was that we now have to gravity-components influencing the cast: the weights and the concrete itself.


different stretch:

We attached concrete on a wooden tile in to create some kind of pocket. After poring the concrete in we took a small rope and wrapped it around the pillow so it would be squeezed.

Pillow concrete



Separation Anxiety_04  by Heidi Shwengler
8 x 17 x 10″

Where: Berlin, Germany

Why: I think is really interesting the contrast between the softness of the pillow and the hardness of the concrete. This is the perfect casting process for emphasize this contrast.

How: using a normal pillowcase or a thick fabric and pouring the concrete inside and then changing the shape as you like.

The final result of the art installation was composed by many pillows like the one in the pictures. However from my point of view it could be used as an interesting forniture if you shape it in the right way.