Assignment 2, AnnaEmanueleHanna

Group 1

Assignment 2 calculations:


The first cast, where the sand was the variable, our cast was very nice, compact and grey because we only used cement and almost no sand.

The second cast, with water as variable, we had very little liquids in the mix. This resulted in a very dry “cake” that fell apart when taking it out of the form.

When it comes to the last three, with pigmentation, almost no colour change can be detected. When mixing the three we felt that we needed to add more water. They where too dry to put into the formwork. Unfortunately we just added random amounts, and also different in between the different casts. therefore there is a difference in colour and density between them.


antelope canyon


Image source:

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Made by: Water

Material: Sandstone


Flash floods formed the smooth walls of the slope canyon by erosion. Fissures in the Navajo Sandstone allowed moisture to get in and to shape the steep canyons by high speed. The floods picked up sand, causing the same effect as sandpaper.